Milliways is a non-profit cultural association, founded in 2011 by Ivan Franco and Lígia Teixeira. Since 2004 they collaborate in the artistic creation that explores the intersection between art and technology. In this context Milliways is a structure that promotes this interdisciplinary crossing together with creators, public and institutions. This activity in manifested not only through the support of artistic creation, but also through public dissemination and education.

Lígia Teixeira
Ivan Franco
Maria Augusta Teixeira
Apolinário Teixeira
Bruno Martins
Gustavo Soares
Rui Dinis
Ricardo Guimarães
Pedro Teixeira

Ivan Franco explores the intersections between art, technology and science. His multidisciplinary approach led him to work in different fields like Geographical Information Systems, Virtual Reality, Electronic Music, Digital Art and Human-Computer Interaction. He does lectures and art performances regularly and is also the R&D Director for YDreams in the fields of interactive and ubiquitous computing. As an electronic musician and digital artist Ivan Franco is focused on the development of new interfaces with machines. He presented performances and installations worldwide, developing common projects and collaborations, both as musician and interactive systems designer, with people like Konic Thtr, Su-studio, Bert Bongers, Carlos Zíngaro, Rui Horta, Marko Brajovic or Pedro Carneiro. Ivan recently won the award for “Personality of the Year 2010″ by the Association for Promotion of Portuguese Multimedia.

Lígia Teixeira holds a BA in Dance, specializing in Performance, from Escola Superior de Dança (PT) and an MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts at CUNY Brooklyn College (NY), with a full scholarship from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and FLAD (Luso American Foundation). During the last 7 years she has been developing work in the intersection between dance and technology, with a particular focus on physical computing applied to dance. She has also worked extensively as an arts manager, having worked with independent artists and various arts institutions.