STRINGS OF THOUGHT is a contemporary dance piece that uses digital media as part of an interactive scenography. Conceptually, the project intends to evoke human self-reflection and its consequence on the decision-making process. This introspection also questions the duality of who we are and who we wish to be.

In the performance, this argumentation is materialized through a scenic setup of suspended cables attached to various points of the dancer's body. They represent the abstractions of our personal dogmas, and condition movement and dexterity. This group of cables presents interesting physical responses, since they can both retract or extend. They also have a braking system, so that acceleration over a certain threshold will block the performers movement. Furthermore a set of electronic sensors were installed, granting the ability to digitally monitor several properties of the cable and thus dynamically generate sound and light, through the connection to interactive digital systems. These interactive systems are comprised of custom electronics and computer programs that were specially created to operate in realtime, allowing the choreography to become a motor for all the music and stage effects.

CREDITS: Artistic direction: Ivan Franco and Lígia Teixeira
Choreography, Dance: Lígia Teixeira
Music, Sound design: Ivan Franco
Lighting design: David Palma, Danny Green
Original text, Voice over: Liza Wade Green
Artistic advisory: David Grubbs
Technology director: Ivan Franco
Technical system supervision: António Caetano Monteiro, Pedro Branco, Nelson Zagalo, Minho University
Interactive and Technical system construction: António Caetano Monteiro, Pedro Ramôa, Vítor Faria, Vítor Neto (UM Mechanics Department) and Ivan Franco.

A MILLIWAYS co-production with Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture.
In partnership with 3LD Art + Technology Center, EngageLab and Minho University.
This project is financed by the Portuguese State Secretary of Culture / DGArtes.