Uma mulher sentada numa cadeira. Da sua cabeça, vários fios emergem formando uma estrutura semelhante a árvores dendríticas dos neurônios. Estas células geram sinais eléctricos com base no potencial de voltagem e a reacção a estímulos externos. Strings of Thought #2 é uma instalação-performance interactiva na qual o público é convidado a explorar e tocar um meta-instrumento e assim criar, colectivamente, uma ambiência sonora complexa.


Strings of Thought #2 is an hybrid art piece of music, performance and installation, that depicts the process of human mental activity and its decomposition into the simpler synaptic events of the brain.

The audience enters a room to find a woman sitting on a chair. From her hair several strings protrude, which in turn are attached to piezoelectric sensors. The plucking of the strings generates voltage spikes on the sensor array that sends these electrical pulses to the computer, while a program written in Supercollider reinterprets this data and shapes it into sonic structures. This process very clearly resembles its biological counterpart, which happens at the neural level.

The result is a peek into the soul of this lady character, as the audience is invited to play the instrument and create a soundscape composed of music and also the inner voices of this woman’s reasoning.

Through the digital aesthetic the artists Ivan Franco and Lígia Teixeira explore the electronic recreation of the process of neural transmission in the brain and how this biological process evolves into the complexity of consciousness.

Direcção artística, Performance: Ivan Franco e Lígia Teixeira
Conceito: Lígia Teixeira
Música, Programação, Electrónica: Ivan Franco
Texto: Liza Wade Green

Uma produção da MILLIWAYS. Em parceria com o Harvestworks.